Walking into the Calais Jungle on an autumn morning was like being instantly transported to India. Bustling street, somewhat haphazard Cafés and plenty of smiling faces there to greet us. Equipped with a small brown suitcase containing 80 ‘canvases’ measuring 33x52cm , coloured pigments and cones of henna, Eva and I followed our noses towards a large (by jungle standards) empty wooden dwelling with windows all the way along its length .

After enquiring of the Afghan gentleman who had built it, we were soon laying on the ground a polythene sheet under the materials and painting a ‘Stray Dog Jungle Gallery’ sign.

Having placed in a window, the oak tree growing in a suitcase , Eva and I were set to receive anyone who was up for painting. From one minute to the next, a group of young Afghan and Sudanese men started to file in, interested in what the new venue had to offer.

Before long , there were many takers for the process which involved the white fabric soaked in water, in order to absorb the coloured pigments for painting and the henna for drawing.

Over a period of 7 days, we made contact with dozens of refugees, and to differing degrees, their stories. We only experienced good will , gentleness, consideration and most amazing of all, good cheer! The unforeseen bonus, was the willingness of people, to participate in making works. Amongst them, were those who were extremely concentrated in their method of construction and therefore produced pictures of great charm and talent. The paintings were personal heartfelt connections to their situation and on the whole, presented a tremendous pathos for the places that they had been forced to flee, and extraordinarily enough, the admiration for the U.K, the place of their dreams.

On returning to England, the culture shock included a strong sense of regret at not still beingamongst these people and surprisingly enough, in The Jungle.

The 70 works will be contained in Gail’s Suit Case of Dis Content which will form part of the international touring SCDC exhibition. The photo documentation of the week at The Stray Dog Jungle Gallery will form Eva’s SCDC.

Gail Sagman
Eva Fahle-Clouts












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Beyond the Surface :: Oxford



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transient :: Devon Art Storm exhibition

Microsoft Word - Transient   1 names .docx



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advert cre8

I am interested in the process that is happening when you walk through the land, what is happening with your senses and your mind.
“Ich ging im Walde so fuer mich hin, und nichts zu suchen, das war mein Sinn. …”, this is how Goethe describes the starting point: I walked through the forest without any intention, with no agenda (freely translated the first verse of his poem: Gefunden, ‘Found’).
This quote came back to me when I walked through a little wooded area after the golf course on my way to Charmouth.
My mind is clearing, the thought carousel is slowly stopping and my attention is nourished by my senses: seeing what I am seeing, hearing what I am hearing, smelling what I am smelling and being aware of it.
I am interested in what reveals itself to me, which tree stands out, which stone, which grass. I see structures, patterns in the environment around me, and my photos are examples of these, the camera is witnessing this process in its own limited way.
And yet all the political turmoil is still there and I cannot help but link the articles about the dairy farmers to the cows I saw grazing around Golden Cap.
Does walking help? It gives me sustenance without which it would be even harder to cope.
Walking from Lyme Regis to Bridport, my contribution to this exhibition.
Done in December 2014, in 5 sections; recording sounds, collecting sticks, earth, wood and taking photographs.


Photo from my walk to Bridport, Gate


Photo from my walk to Bridport, West Hill Rd


chaos and order

(twigs on board)


Found: plant fragments



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palimpsest :: Devon Art Storm Autumn Exhibition

DAS FLYER 2014 Includes the four photographs below

image1 palimpsest 1

image2 palimpsest 2

image3 palimpsest 3

image4palimpsest 4

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Devon Art Storm exhibition

Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th September
Private View Friday 13th
5.30 – 8.30pm


Includes work about Regine, Nina and Marion three friends of mine who had breast cancer and died.

IMG_5986 for Regine

IMG_5970for Nina

IMG_5984for Marion

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creative practice


Eva Fahle-Clouts art work stretches from photography, videos to installations and found objects. In her work last year and in her current project she goes back to her German roots and explores the meeting from East and West Germany. Visualising the split and yet facilitating meeting is one of her concerns in her multifaceted installation work.

In her most recent work in the UK she is reconnecting with her movement work using walking, performance, installation, photography, video, text and earth. Concerned with environmental and political issues she is raising awareness about how we treat the earth.

Born in Germany she came to the UK 1989, before the fall of the Berlin wall. She lives in Dorset with husband and daughter.

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